About us

Economic Relationships through Collaborations Globally

Welcome to the world’s most demanding business leader’s club. We are headquartered in New Jersy (NJ), USA while the registered office is based in Lahore, Pakistan. The core objective is to enhance our member’s business but also concerned about the whole business ecosystem which creates sustainable business for our members.

Global CEOs Club is an international mega corporate MEMBERSHIP-based Club registered with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) as a Private Limited Company.  The club carries its members across the world from all the industries of private sectors, government entities, diplomats and business councils.

Moreover, I feel my obligation to create a new way of collaborations for our members by developing, stirring, facilitating, networking, bridging and encouraging them to think and act innovatively across the world.

We believe that B2G, G2B, B2B and B2E networking facility initiated by us will create a new OUT OF THE BOX within the box (network).

Our forum will traverse capital-Idea- Technology-industry-Policy-authority together for nurturing a better business environment.

Global CEOs Club is the biggest ever conceptualization of widest platform for leaders of foremost Economic, eco-political and Business leaders for shaping Global, Regional, Industrial and sector-based agendas.

Our motto of connecting people is not just for connection, but also for getting People, ideas and opportunities together.

It is the best forum for Nurturing every business and sectors. As we are covering all continents and regions, it is the single forum where global opportunities can be explored with a single fingertip.

We are headquartered in NJ, USA, and eyeing to every nock and corners of the world for opportunities for the investors and potential ventures. Sharing ideas and experiences within the members itself will create the milestone in innovation and creative businesses. Our members will be with the certain size of businesses braced by attainment or by projections. Perceptive presence of every Global CEOs Club members itself will make the platform a impressive one. And we know everything that sparkles are not gold.  We will find out the gold from the glitzy ones and put to our members as an opportunity pre-tested and pre-qualified for connecting as well.

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