Welcome to our GLOBAL CEO CLUB

Mr. Sher Afzal

A resonate global business platform created and founded by Mr. Sher Afzal (Professionally qualified accountant and business strategist), very much for CEOs to exchange ideas and sharing experiences through regular activities for expansion of business globally through collaborations.

Sher Afzal is carrying more than 2 decades global professional accountancy & business strategy formulation, execution & consultancy experience.  He is very aggressive in creating, uniting and making connections of the business community around the world.

Sher Afzal has professional education & training from ICMAP & ICAP (Professional accountancy bodies of Pakistan) and owns Construction, Furnishing, Garments and other diversified businesses.


Principal Partner Ale Imran & Co., (Chartered Accountants)
Phone: (92)300-8491775, 36661927, 36671903
Address: House No. 155, Street No. 4, Cavalry Ground,
Lahore Cantt.
Email: aleimran155@gmail.com

A Fellow member of Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan, Institute of Cost & Management Accountants of Pakistan, Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan, Pakistan Institute of Public Finance Accountants. He also holds M.Phil Degree in Islamic Banking & Finance.

Has rich wide ranging experience spread over more than 30 years. His career took roots with A. F. Ferguson & Co., a member firm of Price Waterhouse Coopers. He has served some of the most renowned Multinational Organizations at senior management positions including CFO and CEO.

He possesses Multifarious exposure in the areas of sales tax, corporate consultancy, Financial Management, Banking, Risk Management, Due Diligence, Development Sector Projects, Income Tax and Legal & Secretarial matters, acquired in the multinational companies and in the profession.

Dr. Tamara Alqolaghassi

Peace Ambassador
Humanitarian Ambassador
Goodwill Ambassador
Global Compact United Nations
PHONE: +1708-655-8889

Many years of expertise in leadership, management, investment, development (sustainable development, humanitarian, and Peace), IT, education, and entrepreneurship.

Currently holding a lot of high-level positions, Experience of many high-profile positions like chairwoman, CEO, president, vice president and founder for profit companies and nonprofit organizations.

Some positions:

  • –  President of Capital Investment Holding Group.
  • –  CEO of $Pay Rem Money Remittances Platform
  • –  President of American International EducationFederation.
  • –  Chairperson of Security Council andInternational Forces for development andPeace.
  • –  Chairwoman of Global Women’s DevelopmentNetwork
  • –  President of International Human RightsMovements.
  • –  President of American Group for Conferences,Consultations and Training.
  • –  President of Buckingham InternationalCorporation.Working globally throughout many organizations emphasizing the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and 2030 agenda.Leading organizations, companies, corporations, and different entities, and leading a huge team around the world, defining strategies and the skills to organize and coach and train teams to have the best performance.

Established a lot of events, profit and nonprofit projects, and conferences as the head of many organizations and under my vision, mentorship, and supervision. Joined many conferences as a mentor, main speaker, and honorary/main guest. Chaired many conferences and projects involving political, scientific, educational, economic, developmental, environmental, and humanitarian fields.

Received and granted many awards, titles, and honorary doctorates including:

  • –  International Iconic Diva.
  • –  Iconic Women Leader-2021.
  • –  Gold Award.
  • –  Among best Global Humanitarian personality,and many others.
  • –  Honorary Excellence Award.
  • –  Corona Worrier Award.
  • –  Golden Peace Shield.
  • –  International Media Award.
  • –  Outstanding Environment Award.Additionally, I have been recognized for my work in human rights, peace, and sustainable development projects.Our vision and main goal are shaping our future together to have a better world through unity and start working on the development process, to increase the efficiency, productivity, and creativity locally, regionally, and globally.

Mr. Mohammad A. Malique

Board of Directors

Caltech Trading Corporation is very pleased to announce that the Board of Directors have approved the appointment of Mr. Mohammad A. Malique as a Chief Operation Officer (COO).

A passionate leader with first class communication skills and a long track record of successful DOD (US Department of Defense) projects. Educated to a very high level, with extensive knowledge of all current economic, social and regulatory issues.  An inspiring and motivational executive with first-rate interpersonal skills and the ability and passion to develop the vision of any company he manages. Able to push performance improvement whilst at the same time delivering growth.  Possessing vast managing directorship and CEO experience he will always ensure that clear objectives and expectations are delivered and maintained. An effective communicator who learns quickly and produces immediate contributions in people, teams, and organizations. A responsible, accountable, and determined individual with strong work ethic, attention to detail, both great written and verbal communication skills.
– Non-invasive Medical Technology
– Satellite communication
– Security/Voice/Video/Wireless
– Department of Defense physical tracking
– System Change management,
– Network and computer system security
– System and process Audit
– SIEM(Security Information & Event Management) solution
– Information Security Awareness
– Internal Audit compliance
– Outstanding client management skills
– Enthusiasm and commitment to delivering quality results in fixed timelines
– A well developed approach to problem solving and decision making
– Negotiation Skill

• Certifications

• Microsoft
MC ID: 7796866

• Cisco

• Shoretel VoIP
System Administrator

• Alvarion
Certified Wireless Network Engineer

• AvL Technologies
Mobile Satellite Systems Engineer

• iDirect Technologies
System Engineer

• Cohbam
COTM on the move systems Engineer

The management of Caltech Trading Corporation welcome Captain Islam and wish him very success in this endeavor.

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